What is it?

The DxReady online platform is designed to give providers-in-training the opportunity to practice a full auscultatory cardiopulmonary and abdominal examination from any internet-connected device.

Although it will never replace examining a real human, DxReady’s sophisticated clinical engine delivers a surprisingly realistic experience that will elicit much the same reactions, questions, and thought process in the learner.

Using simple and intuitive controls, learners are able to not just place a stethoscope and listen to a sound, but rather interpret it as it relates to breathing cycle, pulse, body positioning, etc.

Body Position

How does it work?

Facilitators can create various patient to present auscultatory findings and vital signs to match an educational goal. Then they send a unique patient link to students or assign the patient to an entire class(es).

Learners then log in and access a patient on their favorite web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) on any internet connected device (i.e. laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and use it on their own time for practice, reviewing, or preparation for SP encounters with the DxBAT® auscultation trainer.

Additionally, DxReady can be used with DxCAST to broadcast a virtual examination to remote listeners on their internet-connected devices. This is perfect for classroom use where a case is projected at the front of the room while students listen in on their own devices, thus to high-quality sounds.

Want to try it?

  • Get a pair of earbuds (preferred) or headphones and set your computer/smartphone volume to about 70%. [Regular computer speakers are quite bad at playing heart sounds!].
  • To familiarize yourself with the simulator, examine this Normal presentation first:
    Ms. Rogers.
  • Now try these. Can you figure out their conditions?
    Mr. Perez
    Ms. Cox
    Mr. Richardson
    Ms. Martinez

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