What is it?

The DxCAST add-on for the DxBAT® training system lets remote learners listen-in to the auscultatory exam in real time from their own devices.

How does it work?

Once activated, The DxCAST add-on works in the background of the DxBAT® app to broadcast the exam.

Pick a clinical case, start it, and connected users will listen in.

Simple, yet powerful

The web-based platform opens up tremendous possibilities:

  • Learners access a session on their favorite web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). There is NO app to download or program to install
  • Learners use their own smartphones (i.e. iPhone, Android), laptops, or computers (i.e. Windows, Mac, Chromebooks)
  • Can be used for small-group sessions, entire classrooms, or Tele-Medicine simulations
  • Learners can be in the same room or half-way around the World!

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