What is it?

The Virtual Tele-Examination (VTE) simulator is designed to give providers-in-training the opportunity to practice a full cardiopulmonary and abdominal examination from the safety of their computers. Although it will never replace examining a real human, VTE’s sophisticated clinical engine delivers a surprisingly realistic experience that will elicit much the same reactions, questions, and thought process in the learner.

Using simple and intuitive controls, learners are able to perform clinical procedures (inspection, auscultation, palpation, assess tenderness, percussion, look for pulses, PMI, etc.) with exquisite detail in order to determine the presented condition. It is the perfect companion to tele-conference SP encounters, online lectures, and even just for practice!

How does it work?

Facilitators create a clinical presentation to match a SP and/or educational goal, and send the learner a unique link to the case, who opens it in her/his own computer with any browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

Want to try it?

If you are on a computer (Windows, Mac, Linux) [mobile support coming soon!]:

  • Get a pair of earbuds (preferred) or headphones and set your computer volume to about 70%. [Regular computer speakers are quite bad at playing heart sounds].
  • To familiarize yourself with the simulator, examine this Normal presentation first: Ms. Rogers.
  • Now try these. Can you figure out their conditions?
    Mr. Perez
    Ms. Cox
    Mr. Richardson
    Ms. Martinez

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